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White Lightning

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White Lightning is our newest 10 count foil pack.   

White Lightning..(10 Count).

White Lightning Provides:
1. Increased blood flow.
2. Works within 45 minutes.  White Lightning works for up to 3 days with minimul stimulation.
3. Engorgement of the veins making you feel and look bigger than usual.
4. Being able to last longer and being able to have relations many times in one day.  Rememeber those days you would finish performing and you were done.  Well not with White Lightning.  You can continue again and again.
5. She will not have to work so much to get you where you need to be and stay there.
6.  Sometimes we lose interest in each other because the men are afraid they can not perform.  The women are tired of working so hard to keep it hard.   White Lightning takes care of all those problems and you and your partner can be comfortable once again with each other in bed.
7.  Ejaculation contractions double with White Lightning.
8.  The energy from this product is incredible.  You feel so young and so alive with no side effects.
Can take with alcohol and it will still work.

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